Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Refinishing a night stand...

I can't seem to find my before picture, but imagine an ugly, black, scratched up night stand. My hubby showed me how to use the belt sander (I think I learn something new everyday), I sanded the top of the stand down to the beautiful bare wood. I then took some pieces of metal and a screw driver and made dents in the top, (yes, I like the worn out look *smile*) I then taped the top off. Again, with my hubby's help, I drug the stand into the back yard and began to paint it. I used Kilz primer spray paint, and then Krylon cream spray paint. Once that dried, I drug it back into the garage and got out the old cabinet stain (my hubby stained our cabinets two years ago, more on that later) and began to rub it on in small areas. I would immediately wipe it off with another rag. I also stained the bare top with this. It took a couple hours until I was completely happy with it, but here is the finished project...

When I find the before pictures, (I think they're on my hubby's phone) I'll add them. I also need to add a picture of the stained top.

Hope this got your creative wheels turning...use what God gave you, GO BE CREATIVE!


  1. Love did a great job. I am inspired!

  2. Thank you! It was alot of fun. It makes you appreciate it more when you know you did it yourself.